Results India Business Monitor 2015

India Business Monitor 2015


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The India Business Monitor (IBM) is an initiative of the Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi, the Netherlands India Chambers of Commerce & Trade and ING with the support of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( and the Dutch Trade and Investment Board Working Group India. The IBM looks into the experiences of Dutch companies active in, or trading with, India. It looks into what their main drivers are for going to India, and indicates how they are faring/meeting their objectives. Of special interest this time is whether enterpreneurs have seen positive change as a result of the new administration and its business-friendly policies. It also covers the expectations that enterpreneurs have in terms of future profitability and growth, as well as their policy outlook. It contains advices of enterpreneurs to the Indian government on how to support business, and an indication of the amount of support enterpreneurs received from different sources. 116 respondents completed the survey, most of them with an impressive number of years of international experience. We are grateful for their contribution.


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The NICCT informs its members about relevant business developments in India and the Netherlands. The NICCT also inspires its members by organizing various programs throughout the year and providing the opportunity for you to meet your peers and build your network. We are also influencing relevant stakeholders to optimize business relations between the Netherlands and India. By doing this we promote business and economic relations between India and the Netherlands to the mutual benefit of both countries.

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