Andhra Pradesh State Export Action Plan 2021

Attached herewith is the Andhra Pradesh State Export Action Plan 2021 brought out by Andhra Pradesh Trade Promotion Corporation, Department of Industries, Commerce & Export Promotion, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The Action Plan features innovative ideas to serve as handy trade guide by incorporating the requisite details for traders as well as to give guidance and direction to the trade and exports community so as to help the State achieve the vision of doubling exports from the State by 2030 , and to establish Andhra Pradesh, In line with initiatives from the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, as an economic hub on the East Coast.

 The areas covered by the Action Plan, include strategic products contributing to AP exports, vision and strategy, action plan to achieve the vision, governance framework for implementing the action plan, export products from districts, targets by sectors and district profiles. It has identified export potential from the districts and certain champion sectors and aspiration sectors based on the inputs gathered from the districts. The State envisions to achieve export led industrialization by attracting investments in these sectors and parallely strengthen port infrastructure.

Andhra Pradesh State Government is making efforts to show-case to the world the strength and product availability from the State. It contains individual district plans to bring a collaborative competition among the stakeholders and promoting district as export hub.

Shri. Subramanyam Javvadi, Director of Industries, Government of Andhra Pradesh, (email: ) will be happy to provide further details.

AP Action Plan 2021

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