Ideas for India Conference – 18-20 May 2022 – London

18 - 20May2022

At Park Plaza London Riverbank

‘Ideas For India’ conference will bring together business, policy and NRI leaders from the UK, India, Europe and further afield to discuss the next wave of India’s growth as an economy and as a nation.

The ‘India Story’ abroad is often presented through a narrow lens, be it focusing only on business and the economy, society or policy landscape. Given its diversity, everything about India, and its polar opposite, is true in unison. Bridge India seeks to highlight and celebrate this nuance, to help India-watchers understand India better.

Until recently, business, foreign policy and social issues occupied distinct spaces. The convergence of dialogue, engagement and collaboration between business, government, civil society and Indian diaspora has blurred the lines between each.

Bridge India’s work operates at their convergence, helping drive conversations in a unique, inclusive and focused forum. Over the last three years, Bridge India hosted Ministers, Ambassadors, army leaders, CEOs, as well as leading media and civil society voices, all in high-level private discussions with our Members.

Ideas For India will build on these valuable conversations.


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