Innovation mission India: Data for Better Health Outcomes in Oncology – 22-26 May 2023 – India

22 - 26May2023

Are you active in the field of data and digital technology, and do you want to apply your expertise to oncology, or healthcare in general? And would you like to get in touch with Indian partners to exchange knowledge and explore possibilities for cooperation? If so, join the innovation mission to India from 22 to 26 May 2023.

For whom?

If you are an entrepreneur, researcher or if you are affiliated with a (technology) company, knowledge institution or (academic) medical center and are you active in one of the themes mentioned below with a focus on data and oncology, participating in this mission could be of interest to you. Potential areas for cooperation include:

  • Development/implementation of international health data architectures, standardization,
  • and data sharing protocols.
  • Development and implementation of digital solutions in practice.
  • Solutions for data migration, -security, -storage, and -exchange.
  • Privacy and security in data management in healthcare and research applications

This mission is also affiliated with a KIC call from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), ZonMw and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Participation in this innovation mission can provide you the opportunity to identify potential project partners.

What's in it for you?

Central to this mission is exploring public-private (research) collaboration on data and oncology and bringing together policy and scientific insights, and practical knowledge. By joining this mission, you can expect to:

  • Increase understanding of the innovation and healthcare ecosystem in India.
  • Explore trends and opportunities for public-private (research) collaboration between knowledge institutions and/or companies. You will be provided the opportunity to present your expertise or technology to potential partners.
  • Link knowledge and technology on data and oncology from The Netherlands to opportunities in India.

India has excellent research centers and universities, both in the oncology and data science domains. The country has a strong medical technology sector with branches of Philips, Siemens and GE, and a vital start-up ecosystem. India, in general, has significant potential in the digital health domain due to its size, human capital, and expertise.

India: Digital Technology & Data in the Medical Domain

India and The Netherlands both have largely private healthcare systems. Both countries seek to organize their healthcare systems more effectively and to make and keep it accessible. In The Netherlands this is challenging because of increasingly aging population, whereas in India the disease burden will increase in the coming years due to problems such as malnutrition, infectious diseases, and diseases that are emerging due to India’s rapidly growing prosperity, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Both The Netherlands and India consider digital technology as a solution to (partly) address these challenges.

The use of digital technology has enormous potential for improving healthcare. It is, however, a challenge to fully exploit the potential of medical (research) data. This requires the further development and implementation of data standards, infrastructures, and applications.

The Netherlands and Europe are strong in the field of data policy and data exchange principles such as data transparency or data reusability. India is particularly strong in developing data infrastructures and applications. For example, it is building a national infrastructure for medical data and is making major strides in the primary use of data. India also recognizes the crucial role and potential of data specific to the oncology domain. Several Indian hospital chains are at the forefront of oncology, both in terms of providing healthcare and conducting research. In addition, NITI Aayog, the primary think tank of the Indian government, conducts research in the field of data infrastructures, governance, standardization, and interoperability.

As The Netherlands and India share the ambition to tackle challenges in healthcare through digital technology and data, and because India's strong position in the field of research and technology, opportunities exist for Dutch and Indian companies and knowledge institutions to cooperate.

Concept programme

The mission program is developed by RVO in collaboration with the Innovation Network in India and the Dutch ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. We aim to take the wishes of mission participants into account as much as possible when determining the final program. The program will contain at least the following components:

  • Visits to government, research, and innovation clusters (IIT Madras Research Park).
  • Visits to research centers (Indian Institute of Science, CDAC) and knowledge institutions, including medical faculties and teaching hospitals (AIIMS, Tata Memorial Hospital, HCG).
  • Meetings with technology companies.
  • Seminars and network meetings to stimulate relationship building with parties from all over India.


The costs for participation in the innovation mission are € 250 per person. This includes participation in the joint program, transfers to and from the program components, and lunch and dinners that are mentioned in the final program.
Participation excludes travel and accommodation costs (including domestic flights), all individual costs, and possible costs for a matchmaking (this will be determined at a later


If you interested to participate in this innovation mission, please register no later than 3 April 2023 via the registration form (in Dutch).

Definitive participation depends on the number of available places and how well your organization fits within the scope and objective of this mission.

Want to know more?

Please check:

If you have any further questions, please contact:
Niels van Leeuwen
Senior Advisor International R&D / Liaison Top Sector Life Sciences & Health
M: +31 (0) 6 5256 3310

Dennis Van Kampen
Advisor International Innovation Cooperation
M: +31 (0) 6 1552 8420
Or send an email to


The organization will decide on 7 April 2023 whether this innovation mission can take place. This decision depends on:

  • The number of registrations.
  • The current travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The entry regulations applicable in India at that time.

We will immediately inform participants. In case of postponement or cancellation, we do not charge any participant costs. If the travel advice changes in the period from 07-04-2023 to departure, the organization reserves the right to cancel the innovation mission. We will not charge participation costs. Local measures can always change. Dutch representatives in India are closely monitoring these. We will inform you before you leave about measures and conditions that apply at that time.


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