International Conference on UN Reforms for the Changing World Order – 3 May 2023 – Wassenaar

03 - 03May2023

On behalf of Foundation for Critical Choices for India (FCCI), we invite members of NICCT to the International Conference on ‘United Nations’ Reforms for the Changing World Order’-with Special Focus on United Nations Security Council, being organised by FCCI on May 3, 2023 in Wassenaar.


Background/theme of the conference: 

The United Nations (UN) is a 77 year-old world organisation representing 193 Member States. In today's highly multi-polar, and globalized world, the UN is facing critical issues and several new global challenges are emerging (especially in relation to peace & security) that require co-ordinated actions. Thus, incremental structural reforms at both UN and UNSC levels are vital for building consensus amongst the member states to make these institutions more relevant and effective.   

The main aim of this international conference is to present the findings of a systematic study conducted by FCCI, exchange views, and openly discuss much-needed UN reforms with the representatives of several UN member states, representatives from veto-holding nations, G-4, G-20, C-10 nations, EU, and other stakeholders. 

The conference program will be highly interactive and includes speakers and panelists from different backgrounds, such as experts on UN affairs, diplomats, representatives from the corporate world and experts on international laws.

I am pleased to inform that at least 15 ambassadors from across the globe (representing major continents) have already confirmed their participation to this conference and we are expecting more to confirm their attendance as we come closer to the date of conference

Please see attached flyer for additional details.

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In case of any questions, please feel free to reach out to: 

Sonia Sodhi

Director Digital Platforms

FCCI (Foundation for Critical Choices for India


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