Opportunities in India and How to Protect your Intellectual Property – 7 December 2023 – Amsterdam

07 - 07Dec2023

India, with its rapidly expanding economy and a burgeoning startup ecosystem, is a hotbed for innovation across various sectors. From technology and pharmaceuticals to fashion and clean technologies, the Indian market offers a diverse range of opportunities for entrepreneurs, inventors, and creators. However, amidst these opportunities, it is crucial to protect your valuable intellectual property. Understanding the enforcement mechanisms, including legal remedies and dispute resolution options, is essential to safeguarding your creations from infringement or unauthorised use.
It is our pleasure to invite you for this seminar "Opportunities in India and How to Protect your Intellectual Property". The seminar will take place on Thursday 7th of December 2023, from 16.00-18.30hrs CET in Amsterdam.

During the session, our team of experienced IP experts will discuss strategies to effectively manage and enforce your IP rights in India. We will delve into the intricacies of each form of protection, explaining the registration process, requirements, and timelines involved. We will also provide you with insights into best practices for developing an IP strategy tailored to the Indian market.   
16.00-16.15 hrs Registration, Meet & Greet
16.15hrs         Announcement start program 

16.15-16.20 hrs Welcome and Opening by NICCT
16.20-16.35 hrs Introduction to the India IP SME Helpdesk - Mattia Marino (Project Officer - India IP SME Helpdesk)
16.35-17.05 hrs How to Protect your IP in India - Girish Somwarpet (IP Expert, India IP SME Desk)
17.05-17.25 hrs Case Study on a Dutch Company Doing Business in India in hightech sector
17.25-17.35 hrs Q&A hrs Closing Remarks & Key Take Aways
17.40-18.30 hrs Informal Networking

Do not miss this insightful session with the opportunity to ask these experts questions that are relevant to you. You will gain valuable knowledge and empower yourself with the tools necessary to tap into the vast opportunities in India while protecting your intellectual property.

We like to receive your registration not later than Monday 27 November 2023. You may register via: seminars@nicct.nl, please mention your name, company name, designation and the name of this session. 

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 7 December 2023.

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