Future of NICCT – Towards 2020…

Future of NICCT

Dear Members,
Inform. Inspire. Influence. These are the guiding pillars at NICCT towards defining and executing value adding activities for its members. I am happy and proud to introduce you all to the first issue of our monthly newsletter in an endeavour to further improve information sharing within and outside the NICCT.

In the dynamic world of business partnerships and collaborations, India is becoming one of the choice destinations of the world business community. Substantial growth possibilities are knocking the doors of The Netherlands – India business corridor. There cannot be any better time than this for both the countries to gain momentum in bilateral relations.

Being the principal influencer for all its stakeholders, NICCT is poised to be at the forefront of these abundant opportunities while adding tangible value for its members.

Towards vision 2020, your chamber has started many new strategic initiatives. I am happy to give you a brief update on the most important ones.


NICCT Back Office in India

Firstly, you will be happy to know that the NICCT Back Office in India is operational and in fact this newsletter is being sent from our back office in India. Whilst the operational efficiency shall improve, we will also be able to undertake many parallel, proactive steps towards introducing member services, match making, event management activities and hands-on support for our members. Our ties with other trade bodies in India shall also improve based on our local presence.



We had set out a very ambitious goal in June earlier this year by envisioning a vibrant chapter of our chamber in India – NICCT India. At the time of writing this note, the final formalities are being completed and I am happy to inform you all that NICCT India shall be formally launched on 12th February 2016. NICCT India will play a crucial role in the inbound relationships that Indian companies are seeking in The Netherlands and Europe. NICCT shall engage in strategic partnership with ‘KPM Asset’ in Mumbai, India for above activities.

Mr. Rajiv Mehra (Board Member) has played an exemplary role in making the above possible and shall also lead NICCT India in the coming period.


Membership plan

We have already set up a differentiated membership plan and finalizing a concrete strategy for non-members and affiliates memberships. At the same time, we have ambitious targets for the growth of NICCT. Mr. Albert Oorthuis (Executive President) is leading this initiative.



Improving communications with all stakeholders and members through a multi-channel structured media, marketing & content strategy is one of the focus areas for NICCT. Ms. Vidhya Sampath (Board Member) is entrusted with this challenge.

Mr. Toon Laurensse (Board Member) has done an outstanding job at grass-root level by involving entrepreneurs in the round table sessions that NICCT conducts on ‘doing business with India’. We shall intensify these efforts in coming period. At the same time, Mr. Laurensse also shall be responsible for the NICCT Programme Calendar 2016.


NICCT – Y (Youth)

Involving young entrpreneurs within NICCT is imperative. The youth of today shall be business tycoons of tomorrow. NICCT – Y (Youth) shall be launched in January 2016. This endeavour shall bring new impetus to NICCT, since it shall be lead by a separate small board of Young Entrepreneurs under the mentorship of Mr. Sudip Lahiri (Board Member).


Board Member Participation

Board Members have further taken up focused portfolios and are helping to structure these as follows;

  • Elbert Waller – finance & accounts;
  • Peter Uyttewaal – formalising food, agri focus within NICCT;
  • Maria van der Heijden – corporate governance and institutionalising CSR;
  • Martijn Baarda – branding and corporate identity;
  • Marcel Langoor – contracts & partnership reviews.
  • Patricia de Bordes – executive secretary

Together with the board members, I undertake to make NICCT a future oriented and self-sustaining bilateral chamber with professional front and back offices in both India and The Netherlands with multi-faceted services delivery towards fulfilling member needs. At the same time, become the unique focal point of support towards their business expansion and industry growth.

I hope you enjoy this first issue of newsletter. I look forward to working more closely with you during 2016.

Wishing all the members a very happy festive season ahead.



Vipin Moharir






Vipin Moharir

Chairman, Netherlands-India Chamber of Commerce and Trade

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