IT industry in The Netherlands

Netherlands is considered as the most wired country in the world and is Europe’s bee hive for leading ICT companies. Most of the major IT companies in the World have established operations in Netherlands as it offers quality IT Infrastructure, a competitive tax climate and a tech savvy, English speaking workforce.

Netherlands is ranked 4th for Networked Readiness Index (NRI) in the Global Information Technology Report -20015. NRI refers to the Technology Readiness of the country to utilize Information and communication technology.

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IT netherlands infographic(source:NFIA)

Netherlands has a rich history of IT Achievements

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Netherlands IT Industry table
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The IT industry in Netherlands has been steadily growing in the past few years. The sector recorded a turnover of more than EUR 34 billion (ICT Market Monitor 2014) realized by 25,000 enterprises providing employment to 265,000 people (ICT Netherlands, 2014).

Software development has emerged as the fastest growing segment in the Sector and is expected to grow at 5.3% while the overall IT sector is estimated to grow at 3% (Market Monitor, 2015).

The IT sector of Netherlands is characterized as an Innovative SME driven software solution provider that responds to global trends with cutting edge software solution in climate change, aging, digitization and increasing productivity and efficiency in businesses.

In-addition a large number sub segments have been emerging in the sector, developments in the field of  Business Intelligence, Security, Social Collaboration, mobile and cloud applications, Software in cloud as services (Saas) etc have been growing at much higher rates (Forrester, 2015).

With growing business, increased software spending, and emerging sub-segments in the sector, there is a growing demand for the IT professionals in the Netherlands. It is forecasted that the ICT sector in Netherlands would be experiencing a shortage of 23,000 – 34000 IT professionals between the years 2015 – 2020. (, 2014).

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