Join the Mission Inspired by PM Narendra Modi’s Vision for Viksit Bharat 2047

Dear Esteemed Leaders and Members of the Indian Diaspora Organizations,

I hope this message finds you in the best of health and high spirits. As India navigates through a transformative era, the vision of our esteemed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a developed India by the year 2047 has ignited a collective mission that beckons the involvement of every Indian, both at home and across the globe. It is with this inspiration that the Indian Diasporic Network proudly announces its ambitious initiative – the creation of an edited volume titled “Viksit Bharat 2047: The Pravasi Bharatiya Blueprint”.

This initiative seeks to embody the essence of PM Modi’s call for a Viksit Bharat by the centenary of our independence, showcasing the paramount role of the Indian diaspora in propelling our nation towards this monumental goal. We aim to capture the diaspora’s contributions, insights, and potential in fueling India’s developmental aspirations across a spectrum of areas including innovation, education, economic investment, and healthcare, among others.

Why Contribute?

Your esteemed organization has been instrumental in building a dynamic community of Indians abroad, significantly contributing to both your host countries and our motherland. This volume aspires to highlight these contributions and explore the potential for magnifying their impact, providing a roadmap for how the diaspora can play an even more crucial role in shaping India’s future, in line with PM Modi’s vision.

Call for Chapters:

We warmly invite you and your organization’s members to contribute chapters under various sub-themes such as Innovation and Technology Transfer, Education and Knowledge Exchange, Economic Investment and Entrepreneurship, Cultural Preservation, Healthcare Innovations, and many others detailed in our concept note.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Chapters should be 5,000 to 7,000 words, including references, in English, following the APA formatting style.
  • Proposals must include an abstract (no more than 250 words) and a brief biography (no more than 150 words) of the author(s).
  • For detailed submission guidelines and a list of themes, please refer to the attached concept note.

Important Dates:

Check the Document attached below

Connect with Us on Linkedin:

We seek original work, case studies, success stories, or analytical pieces offering practical insights, innovative models, or policy recommendations. The final volume, intended for publication by a reputable academic publisher, aims for wide distribution among academic and policy circles.

How to Submit:

Please send your abstract and brief biography to by [March 31, 2024].

As we stand on the brink of a historic opportunity to contribute to the future of our beloved Bharat, your insights, experiences, and visions are invaluable to this collective endeavour. Let’s come together to create a compendium that not only celebrates the diaspora’s legacy but also serves as a beacon for our journey towards achieving PM Modi’s vision of a Viksit Bharat by 2047.

For any inquiries or further details, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above email. (Invitation for Chapters Viksit Bharat 2047 The Pravasi Bharatiya Blueprint)

Together, let’s turn this vision into our mission.

Warm regards,

Prakash Kumar Jha


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