Making Connections- Mr. Ram L. Lakhina-NICCT

Connect previously spoke to Mr. Ram L Lakhina, Executive President, The Netherlands- India Chamber of Commerce & Trade (NICCT) in its Oct 2009 issue. We caught up with him in his current role as the Chairman-NICCT about the journey since then, new developments and the road ahead.
Mr. Ram Lakhina needs no introduction, he is an iconic name and face in the area of Indo Dutch relations. His life long work has cemented Indo-Dutch relations in the cultural, economic and political spheres.


What is the current vision of the NICCT? What are the future objectives and prospects for the NICCT?
The vision of the NICCT is to inform, inspire and influence the various stakeholders with a
view to broaden and deepen the Netherlands India economic and business relations. We
inform through our programs which create awareness about the business opportunities
available; we inspire by inviting distinguished business leaders to share their success
stories with our members and we try to influence the policies of the Dutch and Indian
Governments concerning business relations by highlighting the problems faced by the
business community and by suggesting policy alternatives….


Connect – Issue 86 – 29082013

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The NICCT informs its members about relevant business developments in India and the Netherlands. The NICCT also inspires its members by organizing various programs throughout the year and providing the opportunity for you to meet your peers and build your network. We are also influencing relevant stakeholders to optimize business relations between the Netherlands and India. By doing this we promote business and economic relations between India and the Netherlands to the mutual benefit of both countries.

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