NIBM 2019 “Smart Industry: new frontiers for India-Netherlands Cooperation” 11 September 2019

Registration is now open for the 13th edition of the Netherlands India Business Meet (NIBM) 2019. 

The NIBM 2019 is made possible due to the invaluable input by and cooperation with NLinBusiness as well as our highly valued partners Capgemini and Rabobank. 

This year the NIBM is dedicated to the development of smart industry and technological challenges which are impacting nearly all areas of today’s life and business’. 

The theme for the NIBM this year is “Smart Industry: new frontiers for India-Netherlands Cooperation”. 

‘Smart industry stands for radical digitalisation, connecting products, machines and people, and the use of new production technology. This offers substantial opportunities for existing and new companies in all sectors as well as being good for the competiveness of the Netherlands worldwide” – TNO. 

Smart industry enables new business opportunities to be created on the basis of new, affective technologies like big data processing, the Internet of Things, new generation adaptive robots, 3D printing, nanotechnology and miniaturisation as well as new sensor technology. The Netherlands is making a big push into supporting this through the Smart Industry Platform with regional chapters and ambassadors (

India is emerging as one of the fastest growing economies in the next 10-15 years with a tremendous opportunity to become global manufacturers. The sector is expected to contribute 25% to the GDP by 2025 with the adoption of automation and IoT. Frost and Sullivan estimates the potential IoT market size to be about USD 4.17 billion, expanding at a CAGR of 26.1% to reach 16.7 billion by 2022. 

The Netherlands and India have committed to a ‘mission-oriented, impact-focused approach. The cooperation is aimed at addressing common societal challenges and open new markets in areas such as water, health, agriculture, energy and mobility. India will welcome the Netherlands as the Partner Country for the TechSummit 2019. 

Against this background, this year’s NIBM will focus on how technology can support industry in the above sectors. These sectors are most impacted by technology-the capacity to apply technology to make the sectors ‘smart’. These are the sectors that display most potential for a cross-border collaboration. This year, the Netherlands India Business Meet will focus on the collaborative development of smart industry in the Netherlands – India business corridor.

Date: 11 September 2019
Location: Capgemini HQ – Utrecht (Reykjavikplein 1, 3543 KA  UTRECHT)
Time: 12.00-19.30 hrs

12.00-13.30 hrs VIP LUNCH (on-invitation)
13.30-14.00 Registration

14.00-14.10 Welcome by Edith Nordmann, Chairman NICCT 
14.10-14.20 Address by Mayor of Utrecht Mr. Jan van Zanen
14.20-14.35 Keynote address by Hans van Waayenburg – President & Chairman BU Capgemini Netherlands, Member of the Group Executive Committee of Capgemini Group Global
14.35-14.50 Keynote address by Hans Loth – Global Head UN Environment Partnership – Rabobank
14.50-15.00 Address by H.E. Venu Rajamony – Ambassador – Embassy of India to The Netherlands

15.00-15.15 Break with drinks

15.15-16.15 Expert Sessions
1) Agrotech
2) Healthcare 4.0
3) IT

16.15-16.45 Break with drinks and snacks

Closing Plenary
16.45-17.15 Entrepreneurs tell their stories:  Barry Schwarz – Addikt & Margreet Melman – Bluematch Foundation 
17.15-17.45 V. Lakshmikumaran – Managing Partner – Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys
17.45-18.00 Closing keynote by Marijke van Liemt – Manager International Business – NLinBusiness
18.00-19.00 Networking reception. 

We are honored and delighted to invite you to participate in this event to share your own personal and practical experiences with others in the Indo-Dutch business corridor. On you will find the latest updates on the NIBM 2019 and its speakers. 

Registration for this event is mandatory and is free for all NICCT members. Non-NICCT members will be invoiced € 65,- excl. VAT for attendance of this event which is non-refundable and invoiced prior to the event. 

Please register via the below mentioned link. 

We look forward to welcoming you on the 11th of September in Utrecht. 



Date: 11 September 2019
Location: Cap Gemini HQ Utrecht (Reykjavikplein 1, 3543 KA  UTRECHT)
Time: 12.00 – 19.30 hours


Day moderator: Mrs. Vidhya Sampath – Director External Affairs & Public Policy Europe – TCS


12.00-13.30 VIP LUNCH (on invitation only)


13.30-14.00 Registration


14.00-14.10 Welcome by Edith Nordmann, Chairman NICCT
14.10-14.20 Address by Mayor of Utrecht Mr. Jan van Zanen
14.20-14.35 Keynote address by Hans van Waayenburg – President & Chairman BU Capgemini Netherlands, Member of the Group Executive Committee of Capgemini Group Global
14.35-14.50 Keynote address by Hans Loth – Global Head UN Environment Partnership – Rabobank
14.50-15.00 Address by H.E. Venu Rajamony – Ambassador – Embassy of India to The Netherlands


15.00-15.15 Break with drinks


15.15-16.15 Expert Sessions

1) Agrotech: Innovative ag-tech solutions for agricultural challenges in India

Food and agriculture is a large part of the GDP of India. The sustainable development of the Indian F&A sector is very important in order to be able to feed 9 billion people by 2050. Currently, two of the key challenges in the Indian F&A sector are a scattered agricultural landscape dominated by small/ marginal farmers and increasing drought caused by climate change. Increased availability of technologies like internet, smartphones and satellites paves the way to tackle these challenges with innovative technical solutions.


Panel members:
Berend de Jong (CCO) – Van der Sat
Niels Lauwers – 30MHZ
Aakash Parekh (Regional Head, Europe & South East Asia) – CropIn
Kuchibhotla Srinivas (Partner Food & Agri) – KPMG 

Moderator: Jeroen Leffelaar (Managing Director F&A Innovation) – Rabobank


2) Healthcare 4.0

Healthcare has been a primary need for most developing countries and has been a focus of the SDGs for a while now. It is interesting that “healthcare” has moved to “health-tech” in recent times and it is a good moment to understand this transition and what it means for businesses and communities today. Health is constantly faced with the dilemmas between reaching out to the needy versus the high cost of high tech. Several other such issues, insurance, growing populations, shifting priorities, environment and the role of governments and financial institutions have significant influence on this industry. At the panel discussion on health at the NIBM 2019, we provide the unique opportunity to listen and question a range of experts from a start-up, robotics, global corporate, research scientists to the Government. While we don’t aim to solve the world’s problems on healthcare, we would definitely provide food for thought in a out-of-the-box and pragmatic way. Do come and join in the lively discussion and share your views and experiences.


Panel members:
Mr. Marcel Floor (Programme Manager) – Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport
Mrs. Anupam Nayak (Founder) – Eindhoven Medical Robotics
Mr. Jitendra Shitole (Business Marketing Manager) – Philips
Mr. Jan-Eric Zandbergen (CEO) – Bilthoven Biologicals


Moderator: Sarbani Bhattacharya (board member FINISH MONDIAL)


3) IT

Over the decades, Information Technology (IT) is becoming critical function for the company across the globe. Functions like sales, marketing, supply chain, business to consumer, business to business, HR and other important functions need IT to manage their business operations.
Over the years, IT has evolved and instead of becoming just a commodity market, IT is becoming the key pillar of the organizations to strength it’s business operations, streamlining it’s back office and it became the centralized function for the global companies.
IT has reached to the new dimensions by providing a lot of new insights from operational data to sales and marketing team. Using IT, companies are becoming digital savvy and agile. Traditional IT has reached it’s peak and therefore lot of innovation such as virtual reality, RPA, blockchain, automation is happening to reduce the human efforts, achieve efficiency gains and cost benefits.
India became the major hub to deliver IT in the optimal way. Many countries evolved in delivering IT to the major companies, but India stood out the best option in delivering IT to the global & local companies. In this session, we will see how the Netherlands companies are looking at India to have it’s IT support and other way. Therefore, IT is helping industries to work in a smarter way.


Panel members:

Bidishi Chakrabarty (Global Digital IT Director) – SHV Energy
Paul Cornelisse (Principal Consultant) – Metri Group
Richard Thoben (Delivery Director) – Capgemini


Moderator: Nilesh Nikhade (Senior Director Capgemini)


16.15-16.45 Break with drinks and snacks


Closing Plenary
16.45-17.15 Entrepreneurs tell their stories:  Barry Schwarz – Addikt & Margreet Melman – Bluematch Foundation
17.15-17.45 V. Lakshmikumaran – Managing Partner – Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys
17.45-18.00 Closing keynote by Marijke van Liemt – Manager International Business – NLinBusiness


18.00-19.00 Networking Reception

Speakers at NIBM 2019 are:


Sarbani Bhattacharya – Supervisory Board – FINISH MONDIAL – Former Partner KPMG – Moderator Expert Session Health

Sarbani Bhattacharya worked for KPMG Netherlands for fifteen years in global client management. Prior to that she fulfilled several management roles at Unilever, having joined as a management trainee. An MBA by qualification, she is currently Supervisory Board member at FINISH MONDIAL, a Dutch NGO committed to the cause of providing robust sanitation solutions in India, Kenya and other countries.
At KPMG, Sarbani had a global client-facing role ensuring the effective positioning of KPMG’s services, seamless implementation, focused and coherent relationship management. In addition Sarbani was Head of International business as well as the India Corridor, part of the KPMG global High growth markets initiative. She served on the Dutch Trade and Investment Board, India group, and is instrumental in facilitating cross border transactions and investments between India and the Netherlands.
Given her multifaceted experience across business and service lines, she is an expressive and articulate person with a global outlook and passionate about economic development specially within healthcare and sanitation in India and developing countries.

She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and two boys while maintaining strong links with her homeland, India.


Paul Cornelisse – Director – Metri Group – Panel Member Expert Session IT

Paul is an experienced manager with more than 35 years of experience in (ICT) technology and services area. Working for PostNl, Siemens, Equaterra (KPMG) and METRI Group. NCD board member responsible for the Digital Transformation agenda. NCD is the largest Dutch organization for board members and supervisors of the board. Paul distinguishes himself as an independent, analytical and positive thinker. Managing sourcing organizations, digital projects and transformations. Able to connect and communicate on board level as well as in the workplace. Really make things happen. Clear vision on information & technology developments and consequences for organizations, society, eco systems and individuals. True believer of people, planet and profit.


Marcel Floor – Program Manager – Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport – Panel Member Expert Session Health 

Marcel Floor is a program manager at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport in The Netherlands. He has been tasked to bridge between international developments that affect the digitization of health and care and the Dutch agenda for a sustainable health-information system. Being trained as a lawyer in the Netherlands and in Spain, he started his professional career in the National Parliament. Within the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport he had several (managerial) positions in a broad variety of policy domains. Marcel served as a senior diplomat in Brussels and in Beijing.




Berend de Jong – CCO – Van der Sat – Panel Member Expert Session Agritech

Berend de Jong is responsible for customer satisfaction of VanderSat’s earth observation products. He focuses on VanderSat’s growth with new- and existing customers as well as VanderSat’s partnerships globally.


V. Lakshmikumaran – Managing Partner – Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys – Closing Plenary – Keynote speaker

Mr. Lakshmikumaran founded the law firm ‘Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan’ in 1985 and has developed the practice in Tax, International Trade, Intellectual Property (IP) and Corporate laws. The firm is well-known for its high ethical standards, quality work and transparency in all its business dealings. The firm provides litigation and advisory services from 11 offices across India and has more than 400 Attorneys.
Lakshmikumaran has been a leading litigating lawyer in India for more than three decades.

Lakshmikumaran advises clients on licensing issues relating to intellectual property and has provided several freedom-to-operate opinions. He leads the multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, technologists and engineers in the Intellectual Property division with advanced degrees in Chemistry, Polymer Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Physics, Engineering and Material Science in providing end-to-end services from searching, drafting, filing, prosecution and opposition, to valuation, licensing and litigation and enforcement across all intellectual property laws to several large technology companies, Indian corporations, technology start-ups, publishing and media houses.

Lakshmikumaran represents clients before various adjudicating authorities, Tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.
Lakshmikumaran regularly delivers talks on diverse topics in IP, tax, international trade, and corporate laws.


Jeroen Leffelaar – Managing Director F&A Innovation – Rabobank – Moderator Expert Session Agritech

Jeroen Leffelaar is Managing Director, F&A Innovation, at the wholesale banking division of Rabobank. He is appointed to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship in food & agtech by leveraging the bank’s global network and industry knowledge with the goal to strategically engage with the most promising early stage companies. Rabobank strongly believes that ground breaking startups and scale-ups in the food & ag value chain can help to nourish the world more sustainably. By creating eco systems such as FoodBytes!, F&A Next, Terra and ScaleUpFood, Rabobank offers early stage companies access to finance, knowledge and networks as the bank wishes to turn today’s new ideas and technologies into tomorrow’s game-changing solutions.

Prior to joining Rabobank as a senior banker in 2006, Jeroen held various positions in equity research, corporate finance and investment banking at a.o. Citigroup, Credit Suisse and Kempen & Co.


Marijke van Liemt – Manager International Business and Operations – NLinBusiness – Closing Keynote

Mrs. Marijke van Liemt is Manager International Business and Operations of NLinBusiness. NLinBusiness is established to coordinate and organise accessible and longer-term programs for Dutch enterprises who aim to expand their business internationally, in this case in India.

Marijke started her career at ABNAMRO Bank in the Netherlands, in corporate finance. After leaving ABN AMRO, she worked internationally as a coach and trainer in intercultural communications and leadership, working with multinational corporations, small and medium sized companies and NGO’s. She has worked and lived in Brazil, USA, Europe and Egypt.

NLinBusiness was initiated by the Confederation of Dutch Business (VNO-NCW & MKB-Nederland) in partnership with the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and in close cooperation with employers’ federations FME, evofenedex and Koninklijke Metaalunie. For more information



Hans Loth – Global Head UN Environment Partnership – Rabobank – Opening Plenary session – Keynote address

Hans Loth is Global Head UN Environment Partnership at Rabobank. He is responsible for building and managing the bank’s new strategic partnership, which is a keystone in the bank’s global environmental work.

Prior to taking up his current position, Hans fulfilled various general management and strategy roles within the Rabobank Group. Most recently, he was Director Strategy & Business Change for Rabobank Indonesia, where he was responsible for developing and implementing a new strategy for the bank in this key Asian market. Prior to that Hans worked with Rabobank Foundation, as well as Rabobank’s corporate banking team, through which he developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of global food value chains – “from Farm to Fork”.

Hans started his career an international mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a private law firm. With his eldest daughter off to university, Hans lives with his wife and two sons in Hilversum, the Netherlands.


Margreet Melman – Program Manager – Blue Match Foundation – Closing Plenary – Success Stories

Margreet Melman is an experienced, passionate, creative, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic fundraiser / project manager.
Started as one of the first female jazzz double- bass players, she has developed into a committed and visionary thinking organizational talent with a big heart for the social domain.
Her passion lies with the (further) development of projects in the (international) field of care, technology and art & culture. With appealing projects such as the BlueMatch Foundation, the Care & Culture Choir, Fort van de Verbeelding and HuidHonger.
Important part of her presentations is showing cinematic material. The listener thus immediately understands the soul of the project.


Anupam Nayak – Founder & Chief Operating Officer – Eindhoven Medical Robotics – Expert Session Health – Panel member
Anupam Nayak has 25+ years in the industry and has held diverse roles in engineering and product development at Philips, Applied Radar Technology and AT&T. Anupam holds a MBA Sloan Fellow (2010) from MIT Sloan, USA and a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering (honors) from the University of Mumbai. She is based in The Netherlands last 21 years.

Eindhoven Medical Robotics designs and manufactures high precision surgical robotics. We provide surgeons with image guided mechanical hands to assist them in performing complex surgeries safely, reliably and with better patient outcomes. Our portfolio includes skull base & spine surgery, steerable instruments for minimally invasive surgery and brain instruments. The company was founded by Anupam Nayak and Maarten Steinbuch in 2018 and has successfully secured first investments, 4 multi-million grants and first customer orders in India. We aim to be a world leader in the industry with a team of 1000+ in Eindhoven by 2028.


Nilesh Nikhade – Senior Director Capgemini – Capgemini – Host for IT Session & overall host of the event on behalf of Capgemini

Nilesh Nikhade is working for Capgemini Netherlands for last 8 years in various sales roles. Currently he working as Global Account Executive for Shell. Nilesh is a techno commercial management professional with more than 20 years of broad experience in sales, delivery & account management along with outstanding sales performance cutting across product industry, telecom, high tech, Media, Aviation & Oil & Gas industry with international work experience within Europe, US and Asia.

Nilesh has evolved as a visionary, business strategist in defining the joint roadmap for various customers / industries and deliver with accountability in domains like Digitalization, Data and insights, automation, innovation to name few good examples. Nilesh has broad understanding of business and technological challenges and able to translate them into executable delivery models. Nilesh is highly energetic in driving and motivating his internal and external stakeholders. He lives up to his promises. Nilesh can easily build the trusted relationships internally within his own organization and externally with customers. Nilesh is very good team player and has proven track record in building the teams to deliver the project expectations.

Nilesh also servers presently as a Treasury committee member for the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade (NICCT


Edith Nordmann – Chairman – NICCT – Opening Plenary Session – Keynote address

Edith Nordmann is next to being the Chairman of NICCT also Managing Partner at ACG International in Amsterdam.

Edith has an expert qualification in employment law, and is experienced corporate and commercial litigator, who has been representing both companies and private individuals in highly complex matters. Her practice also covers cross-border transactions, contract disputes, and national and international litigation. In addition, she is a certified mediator, who assists her clients in finding amicable resolution of their disputes.

Being fluent in German (native speaker), English, Dutch, French and Italian, Edith is not only able to communicate with many of her international clients in their mother tongue, but also to understand the difference in mentality, culture and legal systems. This puts her in a unique position to resolve cross-border issues.

Edith successfully combines her professional career with numerous charitable and social organizations, where she uses her expertise, not only to help others but also to empower them in their endeavors. Among many other commitments, she is also Vice Chairman Supervisory Board of Housing Corporation Rochdale.


Vidhya Sampath – Director External Affairs & Public Policy Europe – TCS – Day Moderator

Vidhya Sampath serves as the head of Corporate and European Affairs for Tata Consultancy Services across TCS’ European operations. Prior to this she served as the Director External Relations for Europe and as the Marketing Head for TCS Benelux, a period that saw exceptionally fast growth for TCS.
Vidhya has served as the Director of the Europe India Institute at Nyenrode Business University and initiated the Netherlands India Institute.
As a private consultant she advised several major corporates and public institutions in Europe on business collaboration with India and has orchestrated several high-level missions to India.

Vidhya serves presently as a Vice President on the board of the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade and is on the advisory Board to the Europe India Chamber of Commerce.
Vidhya holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture (cum laude), a Masters degree in Urban development and Housing Studies and a MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management.Vidhya is a fully certified yoga teacher and enjoys teaching and practicing yoga on a daily basis.


Barry Schwarz – Creative Director – Co-Founder – Addikt – Closing Plenary – Success stories

 Starting as a digital designer in 1996, he since then has worked for clients all across the globe, doing work for international brands like, Bentley, Adobe, TATA, ESPN, Volkswagen, MTV networks, BMW, Heineken and many more.

In 2004 he co-founded Addikt: a design agency that focusses on the development of brand identities and moving content. Addikt has offices in Amsterdam & Mumbai.

“Addikt builds brand identities and visual stories that are worth sharing across screens and between platforms. Delivering design-driven solutions that help brands connect with the right audiences and grow businesses.”

Barry leads a team of brand strategists, designers, animators, illustrator, 3d modellers and engineers spread out over 2 continents. Addikt’s work runs on screens of all sizes. From mobile phones to video installations, from pc’s to stadium concert LED walls.                    

Barry Schwarz has participated in a number of art shows, was a speaker at various international design festivals, judged at international design awards, was a member of the advisory board of the Dutch Designers Association (BNO) and held a seat in the Dutch Trade and Investment Board India on behalf of Dutch Creative Industries.


Jitendra Shitole – Business Marketing Manager – Philips – Panel Member – Expert Session Health

Jitendra is Business Marketing Manager at image-guided therapy (IGT) business unit of Philips Healthcare. He is responsible for IGT business in emerging as well as matured markets across the globe. He has been part of image-guided therapy business for over 18 years and has held various roles in engineering as well as marketing and business development. Jitendra holds electronics engineering degree from Pune university and has completed postgraduate course from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.

Philips is leader in image-guided therapy business, providing solutions that advance minimally invasive procedures in cardiac, vascular and neuro domain that help patients with shorter recovery times and reduced trauma.


 Kuchibhotla Srinivas – Partner Food, Agri and Retail Advisory – KPMG – Panel Member – Expert Session Agrotech

Srinivas has over 18+ years of experience across strategic, government and development sector advisory across food, agribusiness and retail.
Prior to joining KMPG, Srinivas worked with I-farm Venture Advisors, Frontier Growth Advisors, Reliance Retail, DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited and RPG Life Sciences.
He specializes in Strategy, Business transformation, Commercial Due Diligence, Project Management & Deals.


Richard Thoben – Delivery Director – Capgemini Nederland B.V. – Panel Member – Expert Session IT

With 35 years in mainly software development and maintenance, and with experience in application and infrastructure outsourcing since 2002, Richard Thoben has built up extensive experience with working with ‘distributed delivery’ models. Being responsible for Capgemini’s service delivery in The Netherlands means balancing the interests of Capgemini’s clients, employees and shareholders. Capgemini’s Rightshore® optimizes the sourcing of engagements across onshore, nearshore and offshore locations. For a relatively small country, being able to leverage the huge and still growing pool of highly talented and experienced colleagues we have in India, representing more than 50 % of the world-wide Capgemini population, is fundamental. Working with Indian people may have been a cost driven business in the past, today innovation power, experience and the ability to deliver are at least as, if not more important. But optimizing sourcing across borders is not enough. To be successful, you need to have people in different geographies to work as one team. I am more than happy to share my experiences in the NIBM 2019 IT break out session.


Hans van Waayenburg – President & Chairman BU Capgemini Netherlands, Member of the Group Executive Committee of Capgemini Group Global – Opening Plenary Session – Keynote address

Hans van Waayenburg started his career in 1981 at the Dutch IT company Volmac as IT-professional and then held various management positions at organizations within the Capgemini Group.

Throughout the years there were many appointments:
• 1998 CEO IQUIP Informatica BV
• 2002 CEO Sogeti Nederland BV
• 2006 CEO Sogeti Europe, during this period he expanded Sogeti to the UK, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Ireland, also being responsible for the integration strategies of multiple European acquisitions
• 2012 COO Global Sogeti Group / Chairman of the Board for Sogeti Netherlands
• 2014 CEO Global Sogeti Group
• 2018 President and Chairman BU Capgemini Netherlands 


Jan van Zanen – Mayor of Utrecht – Opening Plenary Session – Keynote address

Jan van Zanen was born in 1961, and spent his childhood in the city of Edam-Volendam. After Grammar School (classical teaching Gymnasium), he completed his law studies at the VU University Amsterdam and at Cornell University Law School in Ithaca, New York, USA. He did his military service as an officer at the Dutch Royal Air Force, and subsequently filled the position as legal and executive secretary for a National Employer’s Association.
Member, on behalf of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), of the Municipal Council of Utrecht between 1990 and 2002, he was appointed Alderman of Financial and Economic Affairs, Public Space and Monuments in 1998, which he remained for seven years. Between 2003 and 2008, he was national chairman of the VVD. 
Mr Van Zanen was mayor of Amstelveen between 2005 and 2013.
Since January 1st 2014 he is mayor of Utrecht, and since June 3rd 2015 he is chairman of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG).


Jan-Eric Zandbergen – CEO – Bilthoven Biologicals – Panel Member – Expert Session Health

Jan-Eric is heading Bilthoven Biologicals, a world wide operating biopharmaceutical company producing and selling Inactivated Polio Vaccines (IPV), Tetanus Vaccines, Diphtheria-Tetanus-Polio Vaccines (DT-IPV) and Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) for the treatment of non-invasive bladder cancer.

Having held various management positions in Manufacturing, Jan-Eric has a wealth of experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry at such companies as Medtronic, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Biologicals and MSD Animal Health.

In these companies Jan-Eric has held a variety of management positions with increasing responsibility in Heart Catheter Manufacturing, Solid Dosage Manufacturing, Fill Finish of both Aseptic and Terminal Sterilized Syringes, Manufacturing of Human Influenza Vaccines and Manufacturing of Veterinary Vaccines.

Jan-Eric holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Twente in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in Biomechanics.

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