We are here for you – especially now!

Dear members of NICCT,

We hope that you and your loved ones are well.

The corona virus outbreak deepens its toll on global businesses, affects our homes, our work and our private life. 

More than ever, it is important to stay connected to your family, your friends and to your business relations to support and help each other during these challenging times. 

NICCT is here for you, especially now. 

NICCT will keep informing you about the Indo-Dutch business corridor related updates of The Indian Embassy in The Hague, The Dutch Embassy in India and NLinBusiness via the regular channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and/or NICCT’ website). Also we will update you about matters regarding expiring visa’s and relevant travel / lockdown rules and advice, Dutch government economic measures to help companies and entrepreneurs. Similarly we will provide you with information about India tax/VAT deferrals, rebates, waivers, subsidies, labour law changes etc. 

Partnerships and support
NICCT has also reached out to and is in direct contact with trusted partners in India and in The Netherlands to specifically work on additional options of bilateral business support to facilitate and promote partnerships between business entities of India & the EU now that travelling and direct contact is no longer possible. We will let you know more about these options soon. It’s important to keep your personal relationships with your business partners – especially when they are in lockdown. 

Platform for special services amongst members
The financial support from the Dutch government is not only meant to help in case of imminent financial problems, but especially to help businesses to get through these rough times in order to keep as many as possible with employment and to keep businesses going. 
NICCT encourages you to tell us about special business initiatives or services you might want to offer to other members which we can share with our members. That way we can facilitate a business-platform for our members. 

Tell us about yourself!
Reach out to us and tell us what your key challenges are at the moment as well as for the near future, whether you found solutions and what questions and issues remain and maybe could be solved with the help of NICCT and/or our members. 

NICCT is here for you in these difficult times. Reach out to us and we will help you wherever we can!

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The NICCT informs its members about relevant business developments in India and the Netherlands. The NICCT also inspires its members by organizing various programs throughout the year and providing the opportunity for you to meet your peers and build your network. We are also influencing relevant stakeholders to optimize business relations between the Netherlands and India. By doing this we promote business and economic relations between India and the Netherlands to the mutual benefit of both countries.

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