We had a winner last Friday!

Last Friday, the NICCT Synergy Series: Partner-Powered Networking event, hosted and sponsored by Broekman Logistics, was held at their location in Rotterdam.

Broekman Logistics provided a very informative session about the transportation process between India and the Netherlands. Martijn Tasma guided us step by step through the complex world of international transportation. From the initial contact to final delivery, we explored the involved parties, various transportation modes, cost calculations, and customs procedures.

The session was highly informative, concluding with a quiz where contestants were tested on their logistical knowledge, particularly focused on India. Thierry Tartarin from Saxion University emerged as the winner. Thierry Tartarin has been a member of NICCT for many years.


You may reach out to Thierry Tartarin for education and research in India, for projects to do with Business Model Transformation, Circular Innovations, Business Model tools in Energy transition and drones (www.dronefusion.org) related fields including port logistics.


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