Indian Renewable Energy Market Opportunity – Executive Summary Commissioned by the Dutch Enterprise Agency

The renewable energy sector in India is growing rapidly.   The Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi commissioned a study to map the opportunities in this sector for Dutch companies. The study specifically focused on the areas of solar power, biomass and hydrogen. The key findings of this study are presented in this Executive Summary: RVO-Sector-Study-Renewable-Energy-India-Executive-Summary (1)

New Industrial Policy of Gujarat 7 August 2020 to 7 August 2025

The State Government of Gujarat has announced a new Industrial Policy 2020 (7 August 2020 to 7 August 2025), a copy which is enclosed for ready reference (2222021 new industrial policy of Gujarat). The new Policy factors in diverse inputs received from various sectors of business and hence is now qualitatively more investor-friendly., especially for MSMEs.   The highlights of the new Industrial Policy: The state’s next […]

Recordings Round Table doing Business in India – 12 Feb 2021

Last week an online economic mission took place between The Netherlands & India. NICCT together with NLinBusiness, Royal Eijkelkamp & former Ambassador of The Netherlands to India Mr. Eric Niehe, addressed the participants in the Round Table doing Business with India on Friday 12th of February 2021.  During the session it was expressed that India […]

EEPC India Report on Electrifying Growth in India

Micro, small and medium enterprises employ over 111 million people and has a 31% share in the total manufacturing output. MSMEs account for 95% of the enterprises in the country and 40% of the total exports.   The 63.4 million MSME units in India contribute around 6.11% of the manufacturing GDP and 24.63% of GDP […]

Invest Punjab – Newsletter!

Punjab is a land of opportunities & enterprise. Ranked 2nd in the country in ease of logistics, Punjab has robust physical & social infrastructure and productive human capital. Being politically stable, urbanized, well connected, with liberal policies and having a clean & healthy environment along with a high quality of life have made Punjab an […]