NIBM 2013 “Netherlands and India: building an innovative and profitable partnership” 1 October 2013

13.30 hrs              Registration

14.00 hrs              Inaugural session of the 8th NIBM

  1. Jurgen van Breukelen, CEO, KPMG
  2. Girish Ramachandran, Chairman, CII Regional Committee on BENELUX and Corporate VP, Tata Consultancy Services
  3. Raj Kumar Singh, Deputy Ambassador of India to the Netherlands
  4. Simon Smits, Director General Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


14.35 hrs              Session 1: an innovative partnership

  1. Debashish Bhattacharjee, Group Director, Research, Development and Technology, Tata Steel Group
  2. Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing and co-author of Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth
  3. Erik Vermeulen, Managing Director, Be2Grow
  4. Bharat Joshi, Director, Associated Container Terminal


15.30 hrs              Coffee / Tea break

15.50 hrs              Session 2: a profitable partnership

Bright Ideas for India: Start-up pitches

  1. Henk Schouten, Owner, Schouten Europe BV
  2. Marcel van Heist, Director of Design Integrator (founder) Rural Spark
  3. Wilko Stronks, CEO & Partner, Reeleezee


Doing successful business in India

  1. Rob Ruhl, Senior Economist and Head of Business Economics at the Economics Department, ING Commercial Banking
  2. Pierre Hermans, CEO, Syntech International
  3. Kanav Monga, Director, Virgo Consultants and Marketing Pvt Ltd


17.15 hrs              Closing session

  1. CII’s outlook of the day by Mr. Dennis Gada, Associate Vice President, Infosys
  2. Concluding remarks by Mr. Ram Lakhina, Founder and Chairman, Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade (NICCT)


17.30 hrs              Networking reception

Sacha de Boer

Host of the Day

Most people will know Sacha as the anchor of the NOS eight o’clock news, but an increasing number of people also know her as a photographer. So it could be that sometimes she gives a master class on journalism at the School of Journalism, and other times she will be asked to speak about narrative photography. The students are happy to see her, besides an  exemplary presenter she is a passionate photographer and she brings her knowledge and expertise in both areas with a lot of enthusiasm.

Vipin Moharir


Vipin Moharir is a founding member & director of the Gateway NINtec Group Of Companies.

The Group offers IT & Media/BPO services through its offices in 16 countries, with India as one of their production facilities. The group demonstrates a unique debt-free, organic growth strategy in the past decade. The group is poised to engage in major M&A activities in the near future to enrage their global footprint.

Vipin is an ‘Innovation Agent’ with over seventeen years of managerial & consulting experience.  A unique blend of Indian background molded by Dutch International exposure has evolved into this entrepreneur at ‘heart and soul’. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences Engineering from Pune University in India & a Master in Business Administration from Maastricht. Vipin worked in the USA & UK with Multinationals before deciding to undertake his own entrepreneurial adventure.

Vipin serves on the board of directors of The Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade (NICCT). He is a regular speaker at events & appears frequently in the media.
Vipin believes fervently that “There is no substitute for hard work”.

Jurgen van Breukelen



Mr. Van Breukelen studied Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam (1987-1993). In 1994, after completing his military service, he joined KPMG Corporate Finance, where he developed into a mergers and acquisitions specialist. This was followed in 2000 by his appointment as partner. Van Breukelen has been closely involved in a large number of successful national and international M&A transactions.

From 2003 to 2007, he headed up the Corporate Finance division. Subsequently, he was a member of the Board of Management in which he held the Advisory and Markets portfolios. In October 2011, Jurgen became vice-chair and CEO of the KPMG Board of Management. On the 1st of October 2012 he became senior partner of KPMG in the Netherlands.

Girish Ramachandran

Chairman, CII Regional Committee on BENELUX and Corporate VP, Tata Consultancy Services

Mr. Ramachandran was responsible for the Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean business for 2 years and prior to that role, he headed the European business of TCS. He has lived in Europe for a decade. During his tenure as the Head of Europe, the business grew multifold over short span of time.

He has been with TCS for over 19 years and has held various roles including Head of Business Intelligence Practice worldwide as well as Executive Sponsor of customer relationships with multiple customers across the world.

He holds executive board positions at the Europe-India Institute and International Business Foundation Amsterdam and he holds an Advisory position for internationalization at Nyenrode University. He also lectures at universities across Europe. He is also the Chairman of the CII committee for Nordics and is also on the national committee for IT an ITeS.

Raj Kumar Singh

Deputy Ambassador of India to the Netherlands

Mr. Raj Kumar Singh joined the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1996. He has served in Iran, Bulgaria and U.A.E.

He joined the Indian Embassy in the Netherlands as Counsellor in November 2011 and is presently the Deputy Chief of the Mission. He has specialized in Ancient Indian History and done research on

“Role of Westerners in the Self-Strengthening Movement of China.”
Keenly follows issues relating to environment and has interest in psychology and parapsychology.

Simon Smits

Director General Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Born in 1955, Mr Smits has a doctoral in English language studies from VU Amsterdam in 1981. After a short teaching experience he took his first position at the Ministry Interior and Kingdom Relations in 1982. In the period between 1984-2000 Mr Smits held different positions abroad on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He worked in Serbia, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Croatia, South-Africa and the Dutch Permanent Representation for the European Union in Brussels.

With this extensive government experience Mr. Smits received a two-year posting at Royal Dutch Shell as Senior Advisor Government Relations in 2006. After this position Mr. Smits went back to the Department European Cooperation at the Ministry in Foreign Affairs for two years after which he received his new post at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee

Group Director, Research Development and Technology, Tata Steel Group

 Dr Bhattacharjee is currently the Group Director, Research Development and Technology, Tata Steel Group, stationed at  IJmuiden in the Netherlands. He is leading the transformation of the research of Tata Steel Europe (earlier Corus RD&T) and Tata Steel India & Asia (at Jamshedpur) into a global Tata Steel Research organisation with focus on alignment with corporate strategy and speed of delivery.

He was awarded the Metallurgist of the Year award by the Govt of India in 2004. In 2008 his contribution to engineering was nationally recognised through Fellowship of Indian National Academy of Engineering (FNAE) and in 2011 he received the Fellowship of the Bengal Academy of Science & Technology.  In 2010, Dr Bhattacharjee became Industrial Professor at the University of Warwick, UK, where he delivers periodic lectures and is involved in setting direction for teaching and research.

Dr Bhattacharjee has 50 peer reviewed international publications and has filed 21 patents.

Jaideep Prabhu

Professor of Marketing and Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business and Enterprise at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

He has held positions at Cambridge, Imperial College London, Tilburg University (the Netherlands), and UCLA. His research interests are in marketing, innovation, strategy and international business.In particular, he studies various cross-national issues concerning the antecedents and consequences of radical innovation in high-technology contexts. His current research is mainly on how multinationals are using emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa as a lab to do affordable and sustainable innovation for global application. He is the co-author of Jugaad Innovation described by the Economist as “the most comprehensive book yet” on the subject of frugal innovation. He has a BTech degree from IIT Delhi and a PhD from the University of Southern California.

Erik Vermeulen

Managing Director, Be2Grow

Mr. Vermeulen is an engaged industry leader, who worked for a number of companies active in technical systems and services for the medical devices and marine industry, including Philips, Stork (Neways) and Lips (Wartsila). For Philips, Erik headed the research and venturing activities in India and lived in Bangalore for more than 2 years. As a former member of the MT of Philips Innovation Campus in Bangalore, he is familiar with the local opportunities and challenges.

Bharat Joshi

Director Associated Container Terminal

Mr. Joshi is involved in new product development, projects and growth & investment strategies. The group companies cover a range of businesses in international logistics, container terminals and domestic distribution.

Prior to joining ACTL, he worked with Maersk Logistics during 2001 till 2004 in Mumbai, at Nhava Sheva port and in New Delhi. He has completed an advanced course in Supply Chain Management from the Institute of Logistics and Transport, UK. The European Logistics Board also accredits him as a European Senior Logistician.

Mr. Joshi is a graduate in B.Sc. (Hons.), Business and Management Sciences, from the University of Bradford, UK, and is currently pursuing the OPM (Owner and President Management) Program from Harvard Business School.

He is considered a key thinker on various subjects, is interviewed for print and electronic media, and has addressed fora in India, China and Europe. He is on the advisory board of HarVa, a charter member of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), and has also been acknowledged in UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2006.

Henk Schouten

Owner Schouten Europe B.V.

Schouten Europe B.V. has over twenty years experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing of vegetarian products. The GoodBite range consists of: burgers, sausages, schnitzels (filled), snacks, stir – fry products, BBQ / Grill products and sandwich fillings. The products are based on proteins from Soybean, wheat and peas.

Recently Schouten Europe B.V. established Schouten Food Products India. Thiscompany wants to introduce vegetarian meat substitutes to the Indian market. Most of the people in India are vegetarian. Schouten Europe B.V. wants to offer products that are 100% vegetarian but give an expercience of eating meat regarding taste, bite and look.

Marcel van Heist

Director of Design Integrator (founder) Rural Spark

Rural Spark envisions the world energy network to evolve from a rigid, top-down controlled infrastructure towards a more organic, autonomous functioning network in which energy, information, service and control is distributed on all levels. Instead of combating the existing networks, Rural Spark starts implementing in countries where no good energy infrastructure is present. Here, the demand for (more sustainable) energy is largest and offers enormous opportunity to leap-frog the outdated top-down energy situation towards a smart sustainable energy market.

A team or young entrepreneurs set out to slowly realise these new energy networks, one step at the time, with respect for the local culture and people. Rural Spark makes only products that people actually want and use, prototypes are used to keep development quick and cheap while getting realistic feedback from the field where we constantly measure to what extend we reach our vision. If the products are not adopted by local people, the products are discarded or changed until we got it right and locally the first functional and actually used smart grids of the world emerge, in the places where it is needed the most.

Wilko Stronks

CEO & Partner, Reeleezee

Reeleezee is a successful Dutch provider of online bookkeeping, invoices and time sheets for starters, own-account workers, SMBers and their accountants. From their business premises in Breukelen, 45 employees serve over 80,000 users with more than 20,000 online bookkeeping systems.

Reeleezee was founded in 2002 by Jan Jacobs and Wilko Stronks. After two years of intensive development, Reeleezee became in 2003 one of the first companies to introduce online bookkeeping packages for entrepreneurs.

India is home to 50 million SMB’s, of which most are technology ready. Modern SMB’s are investing heavily on tools like PC’s, internet and website to market themselves & compete globally. This gives us an exciting opportunity to serve and help their everyday accounting needs.

Rob Ruhl

Senior Economist and Head of Business Economics at the Economics Department, ING Commercial Banking 

Mr. Ruhl delivers strategic studies for ING Group’s Board, and lines of business especially on emerging markets.  He publishes articles and delivers speeches on developments in emerging markets for external and internal clients.

Pierre Hermans

CEO, Syntech International

Syntech International BV is the holding company of several national and international entities.

Royal Kusters Engineering bv was the original company founded in 1911 and is manufacturing and  selling, on a global scale, cash destruction  and briquetting  installations to Central Banks. With a worldwide market share of 70% , based in Venlo and subsidiaries in CIS, India , USA, Kenya and China.

As a result of this success SI bv decided to diversify into other product lines and targeted the Indian market as its first country to be conquered. After intensive market research SI decided to enter  into manufacturing products for the banking industry. A segment that was developing rapidly and were SI had a good knowledge base and connections. Kusters Engineering India pvt Ltd was transformed from a service company for our Destruction machines to a manufacturing and wholesale company. Currently holding  the nr 2 position in the market of sorters and authenticators and no 1 in the market of coin vending machines. SCS international bv is our trading company selling sorters and authenticators to the rest of the world.

Being present in this huge Indian market gave us also the opportunity to set up a CIT( Cash in Transit) company which is now operating in 20 cities, having 1400 employees and 195 vans on the road servicing 5000 Atm’s.

Kanav Monga

Director, Virgo Consultants and Marketing Pvt Ltd

The Virgo Group has been in existence since 1966 and is Headquartered in New Delhi. Virgo has been a prominent player in the India Japanese business for over 4 decades. Over this period of time Virgo has introduced latest technologies in India ranging from Telecom technologies to Steel making technologies apart from Power Gen and Electronics.

During his 10 year career, he has worked to enhance the capabilities of the group in the field of Telecom and Power Generation. Today Virgo has a partnership with one of the largest Telecom companies in the world based out of Japan and Mr. Monga serves as the Director on the board of this Joint Venture. He has used his skills in business entrepreneurship and International Law to increase the footprint of Virgo to across the world with a subsidiary now successfully operating out of Singapore.

Mr. Monga has actively participated in various International Business forums including the World Economic Forum, and the International Business forum under the Confederation of Indian Industry. Mr. Monga’s top priority is to see Virgo play a significant role in the development of Indian Industry by way of bringing in latest technologies from across the world.

Mr. Monga attended BishopCottonSchool, Shimla and completed his BSc in International business with his Post Graduation in Law – LL.M in International Business & Corporate Law from the United Kingdom in 2003.

Dennis Gada

Associate Vice President, Infosys Limited

Dennis Gada is Infosys’ Management representative for The Netherlands and Head of Sales for FSI Europe. He is responsible for Infosys’ operations in the Dutch market and for new client acquisitions in Financial Services & Insurance sector across Europe. Dennis has significant Outsourcing, Business Transformation and Financial Services consulting experience with extensive CXO interaction. He leads the Sales teams across Europe and has managed several large deals and strategic relationships for Infosys. Dennis is an Industry Leader in the Dutch market with experience in partnering with clients to shape strategies and execute outsourcing & transformational programmes leveraging business and technology services. Dennis is frequent speaker at various Industry events in Europe, on the Board of some local organizations and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

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